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ZZEE Text Utility

Performs various operations on a text buffer: regular expression search and replace, reformat text
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15 July 2008

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We cannot imagine a life without computers they have been really useful to us, helping us to do our multifarious works. Particularly when we are to make files or write notes we are hugely dependent on computers and there many software that are tailor-made for this purpose. Text buffer is one of that but in many cases we find that the text buffer that we are using is limited and cannot give us the desired results. In such case we need to use an up to date technology that can work on the text buffer and give you what you want and ZZEE Text Utility 1.1.0 is such a software that can do this with ease. This program does not require any technical knowledge for its operation and includes a wide variety of features.

ZZEE Text Utility 1.1.0 opens with a dynamic interface that gives the user a very good idea about how to use the software. This utility has a large number of features that can work wonders on a text buffer. It can reformat the width of the text, eliminate empty lines, erase duplicate lines besides the regular features like search and replace. It has also been furnished with the technology to convert lower cases to upper cases and vice versa and substitute the tabs with spaces. These features are of immense use and make this product unique. Hence, it does improve the quality of your text and makes it more appealing to read. It can be easily used and you can download it for free and avail all the awesome services that it has to tender.

ZZEE Text Utility is a software that has a lot to offer to you and does not cost a buck, so this program deserves a score of three and a half points.

Publisher's description

ZZEE Text Utility performs various operations on a text buffer. It is available as a free online version, which you can use right from your browser, as a free Windows program. ZZEE Text Utility performs the following operations: search and replace, regular expression search and replace, reformat text width, remove email reply quotes, add email reply quotes, remove empty lines, remove duplicate lines, sort lines, randomize lines, replace tabs by spaces, convert to uppercase, convert to lowercase. Result is automatically copied to the clipboard. ZZEE Text Utility uses UNICODE and supports various languages.
ZZEE Text Utility
ZZEE Text Utility
Version 1.1
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